Other amenities from home...

· Shopping excursions and outings

· Special events

· Movies

· Bingo

· Telephone

· Dry-cleaning

· Newspaper deliveries

· Manicures & Pedicures on-site: a certified nail technician “Rachel” provides in-house manicures and pedicures to the residents.  She also does foot clinics from time to time, inviting members of the general public to attend.  The cost of any of these services to the residents of Golden Years Retirement Home is only $15.  Rachel would even do a local house call for only an extra $5!  Call Rachel at 561-5994.

· Private Telephone arrangements

· Emergency call systems (e.g. Lifeline)

· Fridge in your own room

· Meals are available for friends to join you
(most meals: lunch $10; dinner $15)

Extras (fees may apply)

Valley Bingo hall near by

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